Sunday, September 26, 2010

Chiefs Thump 49'ers

Wow, everyone was convinced the 49'ers would win this game with a superior run defense stuffing Chiefs runners and an offense with a strong runner and weapons at tight end and wide receiver.

(I for one was not sold on the Niners winning--due to their heartbreaking loss to New Orleans and due to their HBLtoNO on Monday night--I really thought they were due for a let down and Arrowhead was the perfect place for the let down...I should have made this clear before so it doesn't look like "now picking.")

Well, there was a team out there with a strong run defense, good runners and weapons at tight end and wide receiver. It was the Chiefs.

Actually you have to hand the game balls out to the guys in the trenches. Both the offensive and defensive lines played absolutely superior, shoving the 49'ers all over the field, and enabling the fireworks on offense. And didn't you just love the play calling? Perfect balance between conservative and gambling.

Critical moment when the Chiefs could have lost the game: After Ryan Succoup's rare miss just before the 2 minute warning, the defense could have allowed the Niners to move the ball, and possibly score. Instead, they held them to 3 and out, and the Chiefs took advantage to get that 3 points they missed out on earlier.

Chiefs are off on a bye next week--they return in two weeks in Indy. Tough assignment!

In other news, Josh Freeman is held in check by Steelers defense and Steelers offense runs over and above Buc's defense for a blow out win by the Steelers.

Us Giant fans may have to step out of denial and recognize that our football team is not very good. They lost to Tennessee in New York, making them 1-2.

As I type the Jets and Dolphins are down to the last minute of their game, with the Jets up 31-23 and the Dolphins on the Jets 10. The Dolphins would need a TD and 2 point conversion to tie. The Jets have intercepted Miami's pass in the end zone, and will do the Victory Formation to win the game. The Jets may be the better New York team, now being 2-1.

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