Monday, September 13, 2010

Prep and College Round Up

The beginning of the winning play by Smith Cotton against Ruskin.

What a difference a week made for Kansas. The team that looked ill prepared and disorganized against a far inferior opponant got their crap together and upset a top 25 opponent, Georgia Tech. They did it with great defense and a power running game and steady play from QB. They are probably not this good, just as they were not as bad as last week. So everyone in Jayhawk nation, take a breath. Your football team does not stink. Meantime Missouri and Kansas State took care of business against cupcakes, both squads able to get lots of players playing time.

In the preps, a bunch of games were suspended and continued on Saturday afternoon. It was wonderful weather! Ruskin had its first close game for this combined team. Ruskin had quick strike offense and some defensive turnovers against Smith-Cotton. But the Eagles could never consistently stop the Tigers' run and penalties again reared their ugly heads, stealing vital yards from the offense and giving up yards for the defense. In addition, in the tensest part of the game, there was a short lived scuffle on the sideline between Ruskin players. Let me tell you, the crowd in the stands, which was mostly adults, shouted down the fighting players and urged them to stop and save it for the field. In the end the Eagles lost by two on a touchdown run in the last minute by Smith Cotton. My hope is that the coaches use this first close game extensively as a teaching opportunity for the team. At the end of the season, when winning the last couple games can give an opportunity to go to state play offs, this experience should serve the team well.

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