Monday, September 20, 2010

Chiefs Win--People Fret Anyway!

Matt Cassell and the Chiefs offense need to improve if the Chiefs expect to continue winning (

I think we live in a town of people with black clouds over their heads sometimes...

The Chiefs are an unexpected 2-0 and all people can talk about is how rotten Matt Cassell is. (Well, he isn't playing very well, no and in some ways we are winning in spite of him, with running and defense and special teams...)

The win is the thing though. It's winning. We-Are-Two-and-Oh. Not Oh-and-Two. It took us til November to win this many games last year. And I do not think we are done winning yet. The team is carrying itself with a certain amount of swagger, swagger we could not buy last year. Swagger that has a can-do spirit that was missing most of last year, pounded into submission by the endless losing and the way we looked losing, crappy in every phase of the game.

So yes, we got stuff to work on, but enjoy the two "W"s and look forward to the challenge of the next game, here, against the San Francisco 49'ers (who are giving the Saints a tussle as we speak on MNF--but it is only the third quarter with S.F. up 14-9.)

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