Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Chiefs Shine in Rain

Derrick Johnson makes a tackle in the fourth quarter. He had 11 of them and forced a fumble too. (picture from nfl dot com)

If you are a Kansas City Chiefs fan, you just had to enjoy yourself yesterday. Nearly full stadium. Loud fans fouling up the opposition's offense. Exciting plays. Defensive stands in the forth quarter. Most importantly, a win. In fact, the Chiefs stand as the only AFC West team to win its opener.

Now there are flaws in this team. Matt Cassell was not very good. The only thing you can say good about him is that he did not turn the ball over. The defense, particularly after the last KC three-and-out, picked Cassell and the offense up by holding the Chargers out. Special teams contributed too, especially with the fine kick run backs, including one for a TD.

This feels good, but lets see what happens next week at Cleveland. Monday night teams often struggle in the next week. If we can get a win in Cleveland, well, then, even the naysayers might have to get a little bit enthused.

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