Monday, September 13, 2010

Your Josh Freeman Update

Josh Freeman and the Tampa Bay Bucs played the Cleveland Browns on Sunday, and came away 17-14 winners. Josh Freeman was 17/28 for 182 yards, with one interception and two touchdowns.

He looked steady in the pocket, and appears to have grown over the off season. It was noted that he was wearing the Captain's patch--even for a QB, for a second year player to be elected one of the captains--that's not a small thing.

He did have one horrendous throw, an overthrow over the middle, that was intercepted, but his bad throw was overshadowed by one even worse--the throw of Cleveland's Jake Delhomme on the resulting offensive possession of the Browns that was picked off by Ronde Barber and nearly returned for a TD.

Josh had a long run of 33 yards. He was sacked three times--without seeing the game it is hard to know if these sacks were related to any of the common sins of the young QB--holding the ball too long, missing open receivers, etc. So a good steady game it appears for Josh Freeman, but the game was won for Tampa Bay by old man Barber.

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