Monday, January 24, 2011

Super Bowl Set

Well, now we have all learned this weekend that in order to win championship games you must play well or at least be present the entire game. You can not take the first half off and expect to be able to come back against a quality team.

Both the New York Jets and the Chicago Bears fell behind in yesterday's games. Their offenses flailed, their defenses like swinging gates, allowing chunks of yardage to be gained.

Both tried valiantly to come back in the second half.

To come back from a 2 or 3 score deficit requires perfection, a very high standard. The defense must stop and/or turn over the opposing offense. The offense cannot turn the ball over and cannot miss opportunities to score. The pressure is intense. It is tough to pull off a come back from 21 points or more behind.

Both defenses rose to the occasion, most of the time. The Bears stiffened considerably, not allowing much production from the Packers offense. They hit hard, stopped the Pack on third down and rattled Aaron Rodgers. The Jets defense bent, bent, bent but by dint of timely stiffening and turnovers did not break until that last drive when Big Ben scrambled yet again and found the open man for the last and fatal first down with around 2 minutes to play.

Both offenses let down on the comeback trail and that is why the Packers and the Steelers will play in Texas February 6th.

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