Monday, January 24, 2011

Do Da Bears Have a Quarterback Controversy?

If you are a Bears fan you have to be asking some hard questions about Jay Cutler. In fact, most Bears fans, along with many other players, and other observers were asking hard questions about the character of the strong-armed Bears QB.

How hurt was he? How come he was moping around instead of helping his understudies? How come he was so inaccurate yesterday?

Todd Collins is done and is not even part of a picture. He had a window. It is closed. The discussion is about Caleb Hanie, who came on and while not perfect--in fact fooled on the pick six play by the DE in pass coverage--played with a spirit that Cutler did not have. Further, he made throws
Cutler did not make. The third year QB out of Colorado State, a native of Texas, showed definite flashes of potential. In fact, as he worked in this difficult game, I began to wonder what his contract status was and if the Kansas City Chiefs should try to sign him away from the Bears.

So Bears fans, while you have a team that got this close I think your off season will not be without interest!

Photos of Jay Cutler and Caleb Hanie (top to bottom) via

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