Friday, January 21, 2011

College Hoops

With Fan Fest here (can't go--no money : P), and the NFC and AFC championship this weekend, you know then that we are a couple of weeks into the conference college basketball season.

Kansas has rocked steady generally, they did have a close call at Allen Field House against Nebraska but that home win streak is intact and they have not been defeated this year.

Missouri has been mostly up. The team is young, and sometimes inconsistent, but has done OK so far, and should make the tournament.

Kansas State, who had the most preseason hype and much to the consternation of Jayhawk Nation was ranked over KU, has been very disappointing. The team has lacked court leadership and reports are that the team is not responding as well to Frank Martin.

O by the way: UVM is 15-5 overall and 4-2 in conference play. The UVM ladies, who made a big bang in the tournament last year, lost both their coach and all their seniors and so have just won 2 games so far this year. That's life in midmajor land...

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