Saturday, January 22, 2011

Jayhawk Home Streak Ends; Kansas State Falls Just Short

What a mess.

Kansas lost to Texas today, in a game that sounded in the first half like KU had things firmly under control. Apparently, they just fell apart in every way in the second half. Of note and concern at the conclusion of half number one was the foul trouble that the bigger front line players were in. In the second half, Texas clamped down defensively, and KU could not shoot from outside to get back in it.

A concern for Kansas has to be team chemistry as there were losses of players to graduation and the pros. The last loss at Allen Field House was less than four years ago. Only one player was on the team at that time. KU always has that All Star Team Thrown Together feel to it. It's a tribute to Bill Self that the Jayhawks do as well as they do year after year, but I also think it makes them more subject to upset under pressure, like a long win streak or March tournament time.

Meantime, the Kansas State Wildcats made a very strong bid to beat Texas A & M at College Station. They came back at least twice from deficits but were undone by poor shooting from three, poor foul shooting (an Achilles heel from last year, I remember), turnovers, stupid fouls and bad decisions on the basketball floor. The game was much closer than its 64-56 final score. One can hope that the Cats can turn this encouraging performance into something more. The trick for K State at this point is to keep improving. However, at this point at 1-4 (13-7 overall), they may need to win the Big 12 Tournament to get into the Big Dance.

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