Sunday, January 2, 2011

Chiefs Lose and Look Bad Doing It

A "look out" block--as in "Look out, Matt!" (

Well, what a last couple days have been very interesting for the Chiefs. First, we had the saga of Charlie Weis and Florida. National rumors were rampant that the Florida Gators were interviewing Weis for their Offensive Coordinator position, but Chiefs coach Todd Haley says on Friday, "We don't know anything about that." By Sunday, it was well known that Weis was leaving for Florida. There were all sorts of obfuscations about why, including "following his son" who is in high school now! It has become pretty apparent that Weis and Haley weren't always on the same page, and Charlie just may have had it. Too bad, now, Todd Haley has lost two offensive coordinators in his short head coaching career. Who are the Chiefs going to find to take the position now?

As to today's "important" game, I felt this was a game we should win but might not. Today the team played flat and distracted, especially the offensive line. In fact the start looked promising, with the defense playing hard, but the offense allowed the Raiders to think they had a life, and the Raiders got life. Their lines played hard and consistantly beat the Chief's lines, resulting in 7 sacks of Chiefs QBs, countless hits and hurries, and no rushing game. Meantime the defense was porious to the rush and couldn't get off the field. Result: 31-10 loss. In retrospect, I would have preferred to lose by this score with the subs in. We saw no subs until the mid fourth quarter.

The Chiefs need to bear down and forget about today and concentrate on the game coming up against the Baltimore Ravens a week from today at 1200 CST. Otherwise, it's one and done, and look bad doing it.

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