Wednesday, June 23, 2010

U.S. Soccer Wins, Advances to Round of 16

Landon Donovan after scoring the winning goal Wednesday. (AP via the New York Times)

In World Cup soccer, the U.S. has advanced to the round of 16 with an exciting win over Algeria, scoring in extra time. Both teams had excellent chances to win throughout the game--Algeria hit the crossbar in the first half and U.S. missed an open net in the second--but finally the U.S. prevailed. The United States and England are the advancers out of the group. The U.S. will play a second place team from another group. The complete brackets for the round will not be established until first round play is concluded Friday. Now, it's a one and done tournament. While the U.S has had success in the World Cup, advancing through the first round with modest regularity, it is the first time for the U.S. to advance since 2002.

Now, I don't know a blessed thing about soccer and which teams are good, but it's always exciting when your country's team does well in an international event. I don't know if we have even a little chance to win this thing. But still--Go USA!

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