Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Boston Down 2-1; Must Win Thursday

Derek Fisher scores against three Celtics in the critical forth quarter of last night's game (photo:
The most interesting thing about the seven game NBA Championship series is that every night someone steps up or steps down. In game 2, the Celtics' Ray Allen was unstoppable, shooting better than 50% from the field in a Celts' win. Game 3, Ray Allen was MIA.

Last night's hero was Derek Fisher, who is like the Eveready Battery Bunny, just, from year to year, keeps going and going. In game 3, he pretty much single handedly rebuked the Celtics' run. He was just not stopped by Boston, making plays on both ends.

So we have a 2-1 Lakers lead, and the games went thus: LA 102 BOS 89 in L.A.; LA 94 BOS 93 in L.A. and LA 91 BOS 84 in Boston. IMHO, Boston almost must win both games remaining in Boston to have a reasonable chance to win the series. Going back to LA trailing 3-2, with two losses in Boston makes winning the series much more difficult.

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