Monday, June 14, 2010

Boston Celtics Win Two in a Row......

...........Now, back to LA, leading 3-2.

Here's the difference in this game: Boston was a team, with one good player, who was a part of the team.

LA was one good player. Team, not so much. Only Kobe Bryant took shots for the Lakers during the third quarter. Think about that--every time the basketball was flung towards the goal by the Lake Show in the third quarter, it was by Bryant. That's mind boggling.

Kobe takes one of many difficult shots during game 5. (LA Times photo)

Paul Pierce will be remembered for the steals he made, the shots he made and the passes he made--including that amazing catch and pass along the sidelines in the late forth quarter.

Paul Pierce calmly catches Kevin Garnett's long pass in the fourth quarter. He will turn and make a perfect pass to Rondo cutting to the hoop in this sequence. ( photo)

Can the Celtics win one of two in LA? I would not bet against them.

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