Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Celts Destroyed in Game 6--on to Game 7

Holy crap!

Is Kendrick Perkins that important to the Celtics team or were the boys just toast after the games in Boston? The final score was 89-67 but I didn't stick around for the end of this clunker. The Kobe Bryant show was closed and the Los Angeles Lakers show was opened. We saw the Lakers in all their terrifying talented glory, on the home court to boot.

Boston has won all four of the previous game 7s they've played against the Lakers, but the last was back in 1984. Overall, the home team has won 13 of 16 game 7s. The Celtics have left themselves an extremely difficult task this Thursday night.

If I was in Doc Rivers' shoes, I would try to isolate this game from everything else as much as possible. From history. From trends. From the previous play in this series, other than strategy. One game. Win it and we're champions. Simple as that.

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