Wednesday, June 2, 2010

NBA: Lakers-Celtics for the Zillionth Time

As a native born New Yawker and a Knicks fan--not that there's been anything to cheer about lately--I have the card carrying right to not give a hoot about this NBA championship. The Lakers and the Celtics are both profoundly hated by New Yorkers everywhere. Not to mention that the Lakers beat Dr. J and the Philadelpia 76'ers when they had Dr. J--Julius Erving. I have never forgiven the Lake Show after that.

However, you just can't resist a good rivalry, and the best basketball played by anyone anywhere. So I hold my nose and root for the Boston Celtics. At least the Celts are well followed in Vermont. They also feature ex-Jayhawk Paul Pierce as one of their most important pieces.
Pierce for a little while looked like another KU NBA flop, but he has gone on to have very nice NBA career. He has developed some nice offensive moves, still can play lock down D, and despite looking like a total doughboy, is strong and durable.

Kobe and friends will be tough work for the Celtics, and if they can get it working inside and out, will be hard to contain. The Celtics have the defensive chops to keep the Lakers from working both ends, though, and with a healthy Garnett especially will be tough if Bynum is not 100%. Celtics in 7, with each team taking one game in the other's arena.

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