Thursday, December 3, 2009

Why Is KU Playing Alcorn State?

This is the worse feeling in the world...having your shot swatted away so decisively. (Kansas City Star)

I went to a small high school. Despite segregation into what was then called the "S" class, ("S" for small, get it? The PC crowd made the Vermont high schools switch to the more PC number system--now my former high school is "Class 4". Anyhow...) we routinely found ourselves playing schools with quite a few more students, and consequently, much better sports teams. So, I have been on the losing end of a few blow outs.

The KU-Alcorn State final of 98-31 brought back bad memories, as did reports of KU going on a 36-0 run. When the run was broken by Alcorn State, the score was 36-6. That makes me shiver! It also brought up a big question. What in the world is the University of Kansas doing playing Alcorn State University in basketball? I understand giving some midmajors a taste of play in the big time. I don't have a problem with Kansas playing the University of Missouri-Kansas City or even the University of Vermont. But Alcorn State? According to their website, Alcorn State has a full time undergrad enrollment of approximately 2,400 students. By contrast, the University of Vermont enrolls approximately 9,800 undergrads. KU is the size of a small city, at 30,000 enrolled.

I understand there is a big fat check for Alcorn State at the end of this beating, a check that probably helps pay for their entire athletic program. But, if I am the KU coach, I am not sure that I would put this small a school on my schedule. The inevitable thrashing looks and smells like bad sportsmanship and I really don't think my kids learn anything from a game like this.

Also, would it hurt the big schools all that much to occasionally play these beat-downs at the small school's gym?

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