Monday, December 7, 2009

Another Rough Sunday for the Chiefs

Lone bright spot: Tamba Hali had a Derrick Thomas-like game with a couple sacks and a strip. (Kansas City Star)

The Chiefs had another poor game on Sunday with a final score of 44-13 Denver. It was still reasonably close at halftime, but the Chiefs had 1)a failed fake punt thing 2) two interceptions and 3)one fumble in the third quarter to continually gift Denver with great field position and Denver scored 20 points in that quarter, putting the game away. Already, the Broncos had shown the Chiefs could not stop their offense with any regularity, racking up over 200 yards rushing for the game.

Witnesses who called into post game programs testified to 20,000 empty seats and thousands of Bronco fans at Arrowhead. Those who were here in the late 70s and early 80s are reporting that it's starting to look like those bad old times.

This team just does not have good talent all around. Oh, there are bright spots: Hali, Succop, Chambers, Studebaker, Flowers, Colquitt to name a few. Matt Cassel is still a question at quarterback, Jamal Charles needs to talk to Tiki Barber STAT, and both offensive and defensive lines need lots of help.

Derrick Thomas was honored at half time, and folks calling in on the radio programs said it was tough to look at all those defensive goods and greats who came to be a part of it.

Another tough Chiefs Sunday. On the other hand (always good to have a second favorite team), the New York Giants helped start the Cowboys latest December funk by beating them 31-24 at the Meadowlands.

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