Monday, December 28, 2009

Chiefs Show Grit in Defeat

Here was another Chiefs defeat where you can see both the potential of the team and the lack of talent on the team. The Bengals started this game like they were wrung out and distracted (which they probably were) from the events surrounding the death of Chris Henry. The Chiefs were unable to take full advantage of this: Although the defense played over its head for the first half, Matt Cassel had a poor game, and a special teams error resulted in great field position for the Bengals. In the fourth quarter, when the game was on the line, Cincinnati's multiple weapon offense took off on Kansas City's mediocre defense and drove 98 yards for the winning score.

The game was both a step up and a step back for KC. A step up because a defense that had looked hopeless against the Browns showed more ability to stop the other team. Also a step up because the Chiefs did not get blown away by a Bengal team that had everything to play for. A step down because the offense regressed, and special teams weren't very special, and in the end, the Chiefs did not win. Many commentators noted, and I agree, that if the Chiefs can follow this effort by keeping things competitive with Denver next week, they will have something to build on for the next year. If they go to Denver and lay down and get blown out, then this game is just one more blip for an inconsistent team during this inconsistent season.
Brandon Flowers played Chad (Johnson) Ochocinco well most all of the game, but could not keep him from catching the winning TD. To Ochocinco's credit, he made a great move on Flowers to get open. (Kansas City Star)
Jamaal Charles had another outstanding game with 102 yards gained, and would have had even more if he hadn't had a long run called back due to penalty early in the game. (Kansas City Star)

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