Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tiger Woods In Spite of Myself

No, no, don't let me...no, no, stop me before it's too late. It's too late.

So Tiger Woods was impaired by alcohol and narcotic drugs when he was behind the wheel at 0230 Friday, November 27 if we are to believe the HIPAA law violating source that reports that he was intubated due to inadequate breathing and in ICU during part of his hospital stay. So his mother-in-law was taken by ambulance today to the same hospital and released after twelve hours. Who is staying at that house anyway? According to reports, his mom, and his mother-in-law, as well as his wife were at the scene of the accident early Friday morning. Were they all in the house as Tiger and his wife discussed the infidelity reports? And the number of ladies who report sexual relations with that man, Tiger Woods, is now up to eight. Rush Limbaugh, who is way into golf and the PGA Tour, was saying this morning in his program's first hour that it was common knowledge on the tour that Tiger had trouble keeping it in his pants. Can there be any more drama in Tiger's life?

Tiger was seen as mostly dull, a child prodigy, and a great golfer before he got married. He got married and then his dullness turned into being a family man, with wife and kids. He was not seen to have any obvious imperfections by the general population, except maybe for being dull and one dimensional. And of course, he was--still--an awesome golfer.

Now, the dullness and seeming perfection has fallen away, starting with the strange motor vehicle crash and the drama, really, is still not at an end. We humans like to put people up to being perfect; then, when they fall, we are ready to pounce. It's funny, I think people at this point would have a warmer regard for the very imperfect John Daly then for the fallen-from-perfection Tiger Woods. We know what John Daly was and is and is trying to be. We still don't know what Tiger really is or will try to be.

I have not come right out and said it to this point in my commentary on Tiger. If you are a Christian, it almost goes without saying. There is only One Thing that satisfies the lack a person feels within them and that is Jesus Christ. I'd love to see Tiger Woods accept Christ, and do all the things that that would entail. Tiger would be a hard target for the Holy Spirit; the Bible warns that it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle then for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God (see Mark 10:25), but it is not beyond God to do this. Tiger, humble yourself before God. It would be one of the best things you could do for yourself.

I have some practical advice for Tiger Woods now; three things he should do. One, lay low, turn off the drama machine--anything happens and the press is on it like a rat on a Cheeto. Two, keep his pants firmly zipped up except for relations with his lawfully wedded wife. Three, hurry up and go play some golf. He is a golfer--he needs to go do his golfing job now.

Some of this commentary is in debt to this excellent piece on "American Thinker" by Lisa Schiffren. You can agree or disagree with the political part of the piece comparing Tiger to Barack Obama, but the analysis of Tiger's situation is the best I've read. The comments are pretty good too. If you're feeling noisy, check out some of the links in the article. Hat tip to Rush Limbaugh for finding this piece.

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