Saturday, December 19, 2009

Saints Could Lose Tonight

Miles Austin, out of tiny Monmouth College (It's in New Jersey) runs to a touchdown after catching a pass from Tony Romo. He badly faked out the rookie corner trying to cover him (

Ugh, of all the teams for New Orleans to lose to, the Dallas Cowboys! Yuck. It's half time and the score is 17-3--actually they're in the third quarter and Dallas is marching down the field again! Drew Brees has thrown an interception and fumbled the ball to Dallas. He's been sacked twice. Tony Romo has 212 yards passing, and one touchdown, which tells me that despite three sacks, Romo is still able to pick on the Saints secondary which has had lots of injuries. Also of note, Reggie Bush pulled up lame after catching a pass and has not returned.

One more look before I publish--oh, yikes, another touchdown for Dallas! 24-3 is the score with 8:00 left in the third quarter. Can the Saints come back?

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