Friday, March 11, 2011

NFL Labor Situation Poor

Frankly, I am not that up on all the legalities of this but apparently if a union has the status of "decertify" it effectively puts the negotiation process in the ice box. The NFL union has been "decertified"--the commentators are all saying that this means an owner lock out is virtually certain. This very much puts the timely beginning of normal NFL off season team activities in serious peril as well as the season itself.

It also has implications for the draft. How do teams sign the players they draft? Do they bother? How will the delay affect the development of the rookies?

The NFL is the hottest professional sports league right now in the United States. They should remember the lessons that baseball had to learn from the 1994 strike debacle. They could easily alienate the fans from the game and wound themselves. I would suggest getting back to work at the negotiation table. Now.

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