Friday, March 11, 2011

Kansas Through to Big 12 Finals

The efforts of Grandview native Alec Burks were not near enough to help Colorado, who came through by upsetting Kansas State, defeat mighty Kansas. The game was respectable at half time--the Buffs had even led during the first half. Kansas started the second half strong and took care of business. The game ended 90-83 for the Jayhawks.

Missouri lost big to Texas A & M--the Aggies are playing Texas for the right to face Kansas in the finals. Both teams have the potential to give the Jayhawks trouble. I have to commend KU--they have come into the tournament and taken care of business. As I listened to the game tonight, I noted that players like Josh Selby, who have struggled to find rhythm in the last games, got chances to play and took advantage of them. Kansas with better guard play is a much scarier team than the Kansas that throws the ball away.

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