Monday, March 21, 2011

NCAA March Round Up

March Madness is pretty nuts this year and it could have been nuttier.

Duke almost lost. VCU--yes, they had to play in!--is through to the Sweet 16.

The Big East has stunk it up pretty good including the lost of #1 regional seed Pitt.

Kansas is lone Big 12 survivor--and looks good to have the chance to win it all. The Morris twins were on fire against Illinois.

Heart breaking loss for Kansas State against Wisconsin in a game I thought was very badly officiated.

Ohio State lurks though and the Buckeyes have just been taking care of their business. are your match ups:

Ohio State (1) vs. Kentucky (4)
Marquette (11) vs. North Carolina (2)
Duke (1) vs. Arizona (5)
UConn (3) vs. San Diego St. (2)
Kansas (1) vs. Richmond (12)
Virgina Commonwealth (11) vs. Florida State (10)
Butler (8) vs. Wisconsin (4)
Brigham Young (3) vs. Florida (2)

There are parts of the bracket that are quite intact and there are parts that are blown up completely. And the prez didn't do too badly--he got 10 of the 16 teams correct. Considering the upsets that's pretty good.

A few high seeds just escaped loses in the early rounds--Kentucky, North Carolina, Duke all came within a whisker of being upset. I would watch for these teams to be more focused. However, it does mean that vulnerability have been shown and better teams might be able to take advantage.

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