Monday, November 29, 2010

Your Josh Freeman Update

Mr. Freeman goes to Baltimore--and did not have a good time. (

Though he was neither sacked nor intercepted, Josh Freeman and the Tampa Bay Bucs could not make any serious inroads against the tough Baltimore Ravens defense, resulting in a 17-10 loss on the road. Josh was 17/37 for just 162 yards and one touch down.

Much is being made of Tampa Bay not having won against a team with a winning record. However, I think Tampa's situation is very similar to Kansas City's; any thing good that happens at this point is a bonus, the team is so young. Every game is an improvement and a learning experience for all. Their playoff chances took a bit of a blow with this loss--both Atlanta and New Orleans won this week, leaving TB in third place in the NFC South. Still next week's game in Tampa, against the Falcons promises to be a good one. In addition, it may sell out, lifting the blackout for the first time this season for TV viewers in the Tampa area.

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