Monday, November 15, 2010

The Chiefs: What Are They?

Nasty Broncos fans do the wave over our sad score. (Kansas City Star gallery photo)

It went bad fast, didn't it? The Broncos took the ball at the kick off and marched right down the field, scoring in their first possession in who knew how long. This was followed by a three-and-out by the KC offense, and then the Broncos did it again...and again. Throw in a fumble run back for a touchdown, and it was all over but the shouting in yesterday's game. Five unanswered Broncos touchdowns before you were looking for your second hot dog.

I did take some small hope from the 10 point outburst just before half. But then, when the offense of the Chiefs had to answer the bell, it did not. Another three-and-out, when it counted most, after taking the second half kick off. That announced that the Kansas City Chiefs were not capable of a four score comeback.

The sounds of folks jumping off the bandwagon has been positively deafening today. Cries of "pretenders" have been flying. However, I never bought that this team was completely ready for prime time. They remind me of the New York Giants of the early and mid 1980s, before the Super Bowl of 1986. Just not quite there, not trustworthy to win the games they had to win, like road games against inferior or badly playing opposition.

Any thing the Chiefs do this season is a bonus, really. They are still building. Our secondary is green and lacks depth. Our quarterback may or may not be the one to lead us further on. Our receivers definitely need upgrades. We are a few pieces away. Like those Lawrence Taylor led Giants of the 1980s, that had great D and no O, we're not a complete football team. I savor every victory and loathe every defeat, and would love to gather enough momentum and mojo to go to the playoffs and beyond. I am still looking to the future with this team, a team that is no longer headed to Loser-ville, that looks more like a team pointed towards Winner-town. I way like that change in direction from the past few years.

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