Monday, November 8, 2010

NFL Season is Halfway Done

Each team has now played or is playing (hello Pittsburgh and Cincinnati) their eighth game and just a few notes on the season so far...

First coach to bite the dust: Wade Phillips is fired from the 1-7 Cowboys after the 45-7 pounding by the Packers in prime time last night. Oh, we here at the SKC Syndicate feel so bad for the Dallas team. Not.

One team without a win: Buffalo who has been close but no cigar.

With the New England upset loss to Cleveland ('splain that.), 6-2 is the best record anyone has, owned by 5 (potentially 6 teams). Parity thy name is NFL.

I have to say I am enjoying having the Chiefs rising instead of falling this year. Following Josh Freeman and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who are about where the Chiefs are, has been fun. And the New York teams both have flirted with Disaster, but seem to be surviving.

No one has been consistently excellent, however. I expect play off qualifying craziness. Get out your tiebreakers folks!

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