Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Verwy Verwy Quiet...

As Elmer Fudd would say, "...Verwy verwy quiet..."--on the labor front with the NFL. There is increasing pessimism that the 2011 season will start on time or play all its games.

Ray Lewis thinks that crime will increase as football fans, deprived of their games, and bored will look for crime to get into. Here's the quote from the ESPN interview:

"Do this research if we don't have a season -- watch how much evil, which we call crime, watch how much crime picks up, if you take away our game," Lewis told ESPN's Sal Paolantonio.

That's because, Lewis said, the NFL lockout affects "way more than us" -- the owners and the players.

"There's too many people that live through us, people live through us," he said. "Yeah, walk in the streets, the way I walk the streets, and I'm not talking about the people you see all the time."

I think he's on to something, I really do. I think there is a segment of the population, mostly male, that lives through the games, the violence in the games, the identity that the teams give. Call me crazy. I hope I'm wrong, especially if there isn't a season.

I much prefer football to crime. No contest.

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