Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Royals Rough Streak Caused Many Changes

A four game losing streak and injuries to two Royals starters plus the implosion of one prospect have caused a bit of roster upheaval out at Kauffman Stadium. After the dust settles, we have a slew of new names and numbers to learn, and a pitching youth movement in full force.

Adcock and Duffy are new names to get used to. We hope for Bruce Chen's rapid recovery to add some stability to what has become a very young rotation.

The Royals have dipped under .500 for the first time this year. This is the moment where we find out a bit more about the young players and about manager Ned Yost.

Yost has come under fire for leaving Vince Mazzaro out to take an awful 14 run beating. Mazzaro suffered two and 1/3 of the longest innings in major league history and many are questioning if he can come back from that beating. To me it is not his head--it's his stuff. He threw pitches in places you just cannot put them to major league hitters. If he gets back to doing and performing in the way that caused you to be called up in the first place, he will be fine. It could be that that will not be with the Royals in the future. That's OK--not all the younguns who make the majors will make it with the Royals.

I just hope we can continue to play close to .500 ball and keep it exciting, smart and competitive baseball all summer.

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