Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Royals Doing All Right

Long suffering Kansas City sports fans are suspicious of success at this point. Our default is that the wheels will fall off any time, and we will be thrust into the abyss of countless loses by our professional sports teams. Thus the 10-6 start of the Royals was a challenge to the fan--how do we think of this with this team, this "just wait until all the youngsters are up in 2012" team?

This is like the Chiefs last fall. Anything at this point is gravy. If the Royals play .500 ball, or even better all year long, well, aren't you just drooling thinking about the future?

Now, last night we had one of those games. Starter Kyle Davies pitched lights out, the offense got the lead and it was looking very promising for a win over the currently first place Cleveland Indians. Until the bull pen pitchers all forgot where the strike zone is and the Royals first gave up the lead, and then the game. Tonight Bruce Chen is pitching well in his start, and the Royals offense has plated 5 runs to this point, and it is looking like a promising bounce back from last night's disappointment. Current score 5-2 mid 7th inning. If the Royals hang on and win--and likely it will come down to relief pitching again--this is a great bounceback for this young team.

Attendance is down but the weather has been poor for much of the schedule. People are still skeptical--all we heard all winter was how bad this team would be and how we have to wait for 2012. I think this season will be more exciting than that. I am looking forward to each and every game. That is the thing about baseball--it's a one day at a time sort of thing. Each day the sun rises is a new day, each game is a new game, with fresh possibilities. I'm planning on enjoying each moment.

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