Saturday, April 30, 2011

NFL Draft Notes

Honest, I have been trying to get excited about the 2011 NFL draft, but it's been hard. Especially now that the lockout has been restored, rookie players can't even talk to coaches, or come to the team practice facilities, never mind starting their contract talks. Except for those drafted before the judge put the order out that restored the lock out, the players didn't even get a chance to get a play book or anything. That being said, some intriguing choices have been made by the teams I care about.

The New York Jets drafted two defensive line players, two wide outs and a quarterback. The New York Giants drafted mainly for defense, including a first line cover guy, two linebackers, a defensive lineman, an offensive lineman, a running back and an another defensive backfield player. The Kansas City Chiefs drafted a wide out in the first round, an offensive lineman, two defensive linemen, two linebackers, and a defensive back. They also drafted a full back and a quarterback. The Chiefs draft featured the Chiefs snagging a couple players who seemed to fall past what their anticipated draft spot would be. Assuming there are no character issues, this looks like the best of these three drafts. All three teams addressed their needs--no funky "best player there" picks here.

Assuming there is football, there is a lot to look forward to as these rookies come into camp...

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