Tuesday, May 18, 2010

News Roundup: There's Baseball and There's Everything Else...

Tiger Woods has a neck injury, and is taking time off. After missing the cut in one tournament and throwing in the towel on a second, Woods says he has a bad disk in his neck. I suspect it was hard physically to restart after his months off and now he is finding out that we all are less elastic at 30+ then at 20+. His swing coach resigned. His swing coach says Tiger is a sex addict. He also said that Tiger played with pain in the past, so this must really hurt.

Tiger's not done with golf, but it is an uphill climb for him big time!

Cleveland Cavs upset by Boston. As a former New Yawker and Knicks fan, I can barely stomach the Celtics, and I was hoping that Cleveland could beat Boston. However, LeBron James has an arm injury, and may be struggling with the inexperience that comes from no college career (no experience in big games, winning big games and so forth), and the experienced and healthy Celtics beat them badly. Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett are peaking at the right time. Next: Orlando.

Lakers survive the Thunder...How often does this happen in the NBA? A top seeded team struggles in the first round with the lowest seed and then proceeds to beat the pants off of everyone else. So far, so scripted for LA, who were scared by the Oklahoma City team, and haven't turned a hair with any one else. Boston-LA finals anyone?

Washington Wizards win the NBA lottery...probably will take John Wall of Kentucky with pick. They are almost as badly managed and have as bad luck as the LA Clippers, so they'll probably still suck next year.

Big 12 Conference in peril...Missouri might go Big 10, along with Nebraska. Media money not good. It appears that the Big 12 will cease to exist, unless they aggressively court good midmajor teams to join up if Mizzou and NU leave, and get a better media deal. This could be bad for Kansas City, MO, and for Kansas and Kansas State. I hate also to see the history that the Big 12 represents fade into the sunset.

The NHL: Upset city in the Stanley Cup playoffs has the 8 and 9 seed left standing in the East, which means the Chicago Blackhawks will have no one to blame but themselves if they don't get to party all summer with Lord Stanley's Cup.

NFL's off season activities going along: The Kansas City Chiefs have everyone except unsigned Jarred Page in this weekend's workouts. Everyone singing in unison and optimism rules the land in all 32 NFL cities!

That's your sports round up, with a small dose of opinion for today!

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