Monday, May 10, 2010

Fire Hillman!

The Trey Hillman watch is on, at least in the media. Greg Hall of KC Confidential blogged on the radio convos over the past few days, during this epic fail of a road trip that included the sweep of the Royals by the Texas Rangers. I'm not one to run around firing people when stuff goes bad, but I agree, Hillman and most of his staff need to go. Not seeing Josh Hamilton fail to tag up and advance on a fly ball is really quite inexcusable. More stupid baseball. I remember writing about stupid baseball last fall for crying out loud. Why in the world are we still playing stupid baseball?!?

Count me in: Fire Trey Hillman.

One fan provided this commentary last July in the comments section of Royals Review. I think fan patience is starting to run a little thin...

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