Tuesday, April 27, 2010

On Evaluating Drafts

First, a team's draft will not please everybody. Someone will always find a player that should have been taken or should not have taken, or was a "stretch" or blah-blah.

So in evaluating a team's draft, I would tend to look to see if they had done something completely daft--gone all Al Davis on their fans.

If they didn't and the draft is reasonable, then you can't really tell what will come of it for several years. Really. Seriously. Trying to figure out which ones of these 20-24 year old athletes will do well in the NFL is darn near impossible. The ones in the first round are more likely to succeed. The seventh rounders and free agents are less likely to succeed. But...you just never know.

None of my teams went Al Davis. Even Al Davis didn't go Al Davis. This deep talented draft will impact the NFL for years to come.

It will just take years to see it happen for your team.

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