Monday, April 5, 2010

Disappointing Opening Day

The Royals lost their first game today, 8-4 against the Detroit Tigers. They did it in a disappointing way: just like last year.

A wind blown pop up in the infield dropped in between five Royals costing Zack Greinke one run and a lot of extra pitches.

We had a sacrifice bunt in the first inning. (WTF?)

When we were trying to build a late inning rally, we made an out at the plate, sending a 35 year old catcher home on a shallow outfield hit. ( It is not good that while the play is unfolding, the play-by-play guy goes, "Uh-oh." before the ball even reaches home plate.)

The bullpen just imploded, looking positively hopeless and helpless, wild in the strike zone. (Baseball speak for "Threw the ball where the opposing team's hitters could hit it real good.")

A few encouraging things: Zach Greinke looked all right, not like he was about to fall off a cliff. The offense had some good moments against a tough pitcher. Willie Bloomquist made two big league plays at third base to help Greinke out of the sixth inning.

However, it really does have the potential to be a long year for Royals fans.

Mets won thought. Red Sox won.

Baseball season is long. It's a different world than college hoops or NFL football. Many more games to come.

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