Saturday, March 13, 2010

How I Would Prepare In Order to Try to Beat the UConn Women

Big East Tournament Champion...

...and Big East regular season champion University of Connecticut
There's been much talk in the women's basketball world that the University of Connecticut women's team is too good and impossible to beat. Right now the UConn ladies are on a 72 game winning streak. Their most recent win came at the expense of #9 West Virgina and the final score was 60-32 this past Wednesday. West Virgina was unable to score against UConn for over 11 minutes. The win gave UConn the Big East Tournament title.

Good times on the bench, a common thing for the Huskies.

So if you are, say, Nebraska or Texas A & M, what could you do to prepare for UConn? This is what I would do: I would take a page from the Canadian gold medal women's hockey team and got find a men's team to practice against. Seriously. I would try to find a team that was similar to UConn in depth and height configuration. I would want to find a group of guys that knew each other and could play as a team together. Maybe an intramural team, a small college, junior college or really good high school team. I would have them learn UConn's stuff and play like UConn plays: the defense they play, the offense they play. In fact, if I was Nebraska, I would have already been working on this, since I knew I would be in the NCAAs regardless of the outcome of the Big 12 tourney. I would then let the boys play my girls in practice. I would set up game situations. I would play 10-20 minutes of real play with refs and everything. Raising the level of play in practice will show both the coach and the players what will be required to conquer the University of Connecticut women's basketball team. I really think this could give a good team a good chance against the Huskies.

UConn: quick to the hoop, as this West Virgina defender discovered.

Strong to the hoop too. Look at those muscles!

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