Monday, April 23, 2012

Royals Stinking Up the Place!

Now, I had no illusions that anything was a sure thing about this baseball team.  If the pitching held up, if the hitters hit, if we played good ball...blah blah maybe we sneak up on someone.

Well, first, the injury bug bit the team.  Then the Royals just came out and played badly.  Now we are up to losing 11 in a row and people are starting to really, really criticize the team, the manager, the GM, the owner and the dude who cooks hot dogs...

I would say just calm down, except for this:  the longer this goes on, the harder it all gets.  You will need a winning streak of 8 or 9 just to get to .500.  Confidence has floated out the window and will be hard to retrieve.  People are really mad about the marketing theme.  It is not good.

We can still see .500 ball--81 wins 81 losses--but wins must start soon or even this modest dream may go by the wayside.  In the meantime, this city's fan bases' attitude towards all the losing by its NFL and MLB franchises is building.

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