Tuesday, December 20, 2011

O Romeo Romeo...and Kyle too

I don't think anyone in this town was expecting our Chiefs to beat the Green Bay Packers last Sunday. I personally was praying that we would not be blown out with some awful score like 49-7. Before the game started, I noted that the key to staying in the game, with any chance to succeed, the offense had to stay on the field. Dreadful quick three-and-outs would kill the defense and ruin any possibility of winning.
Well, my plan was executed to perfection. The offense started with a 6 minute plus drive--with a critical conversion of a third-and-eight right out of the box--and worked to keep Aaron Rodgers and the Packer offense in a place safe for Chiefs fans, mainly cooling their heels on the bench. Couple that with an outstanding game from the defense, continued stellar kicking from Ryan Succup, and a less than terrific performance by that Packer offense and the Chiefs managed to pull off the upset of the season.
As to what it means for the future: for this season, it keeps playoff hopes, however small, alive, which is more fun than being out of the running. It gives us an idea of what we have with Romeo Crennel and Kyle Orton--not solving those problems, but giving us something new to look at. The next two games, against Oakland here and Denver there, will be quite revealing.
The end of the season will be very interesting.

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