Monday, July 25, 2011

NFL Lock Out Over

Well, the lock out is over. Agreements and votes were taken and now the season can proceed. "Silly Season" will be condensed greatly, and perhaps a bit less silly. Drafted players need to get signed, get their playbooks and get learning. Free agents signed. Etc.

In this condensed time, we will find out some things...
We'll find out what players managed to stay in the best shape without the OTAs they were used to that helped keep them accountable for their conditioning.
We'll find out what teams have the best scouting for obscure free agents, undrafted college players, and late draft picks, because these players will not have much time to show themselves.
We'll find out which rookies are the quickest studies and able to pick up complex pro play books.

Teams with established quarterbacks and coaches will have an advantage over those who are searching or have just changed.

There are a few teams that should just figure on rebuilding and not winning much this year, and their fans will hate every moment of the 2011-12 season.

Chiefs shopping list: Another wide out (we did draft one, but should look at FAs), nose tackle, offensive line, running back.

Giants shopping list: New accuracy for Eli. Really. The team was OK, but all those turnovers--nightmares!

Jets shopping list: Offensive line, running back, receiver. I seem to remember struggling to score at times.

Fantasy players are thrilled.

Code writers for the video games are frantic...

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