Saturday, February 5, 2011

Pre Super Thoughts

Well, tomorrow is the Big Game. Are we feeling like making a prediction?

Green Bay--
* Very good offense, especially now that they seem to have found a runner.
* Defense improving every day with players returning from injury and young players more experienced.
* pretty decent special teams and kickers

*very good defense, capable of shutting down a team
* adequate to good offense. Rothlesburger is relentless and innovative--Bret Favre but with better aim. Erratic run game. O line in flux.
* Explosive return, but did have to replace their kickers over the course of the season.

Green Bay is the faster team, the Steelers the stronger one.

Game is inside, in climate controlled environment. (Good thing, since Texas is enjoying the same sucky weather we all are here in the middle of the US)

Green Bay will win if--
*Speed kills--if Green Bay's passing game gets going the Steelers could be in trouble.
* Stifle them. Don't allow Pittsburgh to hold the ball for minutes with a long field chewing, time chewing drive. Get Pittsburgh's offense off the field.
* No interceptions.

Pittsburgh will win if--
* Aaron Rodgers is sacked, hassled, bothered and just generally harassed and rattled. Especially if he turns the ball over.
* Relentless offense. Nothing special, just make first downs until you score a touch down. Aaron Rodgers can't score standing on the sideline.
* Avoid turnovers and penalties--no negative plays.

There is a potential for a Green Bay blow out in this game, but I could also see a game where the Pack start fast, then Pittsburgh comes back to at least make it interesting. The Steelers margin for error is much smaller than Green Bay's. Too many Pittsburgh mistakes will result in a rout for the Pack. A flawless Pittsburgh team will be a hand full for Green Bay.

I think Green Bay will win, in either a very tight game in doubt to the end or a laugher that is not in doubt after the third quarter.

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